Plumber’s Crack

Some families hold hands and recite what they’re thankful for before holiday meals.

My family does shots of tequila.

Some families bake elaborate cakes for birthday celebrations.

My sister-in-law stated she’d rather have Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.

However, I couldn’t give my favorite (only) sister-in-law something only one step above what one could find in a Pringle’s can.  I decided to make her a version of the salty-sweet-chocolate goodness I guessed she was craving.

I followed Averie’s recipe for Chocolate Saltine Toffee (by the way, how many times do I need to link to her AMAZING recipes before I officially become president of her fan club.  Seriously, I’m bordering on groupie status).

I’ll show you pictures of the recipe in progress but you should click on the link above to read her recipe.  She goes into a ton of detail and lists a bunch of great options!


The result?  I trust my mom since I don’t have a sweet tooth.  She, on the other hand, has a sweet-salty tooth and I believe she sighed in happiness when she took a bite.  That’s a good sign.

Averie was right.  This stuff is like crack and since my sister-in-law is a plumber’s wife, this shall be known as Plumber’s Crack! 


11 thoughts on “Plumber’s Crack

    • yeah, i’m lucky i don’t have a sweet tooth or i would’ve scarfed that all down! i did see my cousin plowing through it by the handful!


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