Dumb, dumb, dumb

Yup, about 1000 people can say, “I told you so.”

I wrote about how I rediscovered my love for running and I was finding strength within my comfort zone of long distance running

Here’s a peak into my mind, I’m not normal.  (as if my food choices didn’t already make that obvious)

I decided I wanted to start long distance running again.

I went on an 11 mile run and felt great.

The next weekend, I ran 20 miles in 3 hours 30 minutes.

The weekend after that, I ran the same 20 miles in 3 hours 15 minutes.

The weekend after that, I ran the same 20 miles in 2 hours 59 minutes.

Yup, I ran 20 miles for 3 straight Saturdays.

(in the mirror)

In my defense, I did take it easier than normal during the week.  I mostly did elliptical work and full body strength training (no treadmill and no knee-pounding interval sprints).  Still, it’s pretty obvious that I shouldn’t have run a full 20 miles 3 weekends in a row, despite rest during the week.  I just thought, that since the only physical problems I was having were slightly ache-y knees and hips, my body was handling it fine.

Cut to Christmas Day:  I thought that I’d take it easy on myself and bike the 20 miles to my parent’s house from my apartment instead of running.



My left hip went from ache-y to pain that makes it hard to walk.

Now I’m subsisting on extra-strength Aleve and a whole lot of yoga.  I have a chiropractor’s appointment on Monday, and I’m hoping for good news (i.e. you did not cause serious nerve damage and you will be able to run again).

The weird thing is:  I’ve actually kind of fallen in love with yoga.  I’m finding peace in the flow and strength in the challenging poses.  It’s clearing my mind and giving me a sense of calm that I’ve been able to tap into during the stress of starting back up at school and dealing with this injury.  It’s also helped me combat that inner ED voice that is FREAKING OUT because I can’t burn those calories on the elliptical!  I’m just treating myself gently and taking it easy … and learning to love the slow moments!



Shhh… don’t tell anyone, I actually like this break from intense exercise. Smile 




Have you ever seriously practiced yoga?  I’ve dabbled in Yoga here and there but never really devoted time to working at it and improving.

Have you ever had to recover from an injury?  Besides lower back pain the resulted from falling off a mountain bike (head first) and the a case of stress fractures in high school, I haven’t had to deal with serious pain before!


14 thoughts on “Dumb, dumb, dumb

  1. Oh noooo! 😦 Hope you get better soon, but I’m so glad you’re loving yoga in the mean time! I’ve just stuck my toes in the water of the yoga ocean, but I enjoy it! 🙂

  2. You know what? You aren’t dumb. Sure we all do stupid shit from time to time but that doesn’t make you dumb – hell I have been out of the gym for over a month because I can’t do a handstand. And tell your inner ED to STFU. I have been one lazy mother this past month but I’ve kept my diet in check and guess what? I’m leaner than I was a month ago and all my muscle hasn’t wasted away. Sure I’m a bit weaker but that will return.

    Mend your hip, be gentle on yourself, enjoy your yoga, and take it one day at a time. Keep strong little one.

    • thank you so much for your positive attitude! it truly does mean a lot to me and makes me feel so much better about my post-recovery physical shape!


  3. I love love LOVE yoga…. I practise daily. I find it so good for both my body and my mind. I don’t think any other exercise has done me the amount of good yoga has…. focus, calm, breath, toning, strength, philosophy – Yoga seriously rocks my world. Coming from someone that has suffered from severe depression I can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂

    Treat your body with kindness + respect – practise yoga 🙂

    • i can definitely agree with the benefits yoga has on a troubled mind. i get really, really bad anxiety and i find myself so calm and relaxed after yoga. it quiets those inner voices and helps me find some peace!


  4. First off, you’re a freakin’ rockstar! Three 20 mile runs with continuously lower times??! WOW! Congrats on being awesome.

    I do hope though that you feel WAYYY better ASAP!!!! I hope the chiro gives you good news as well!

    My mom is a yoga instructor and I’ve tried her classes and other classes many times and tried to like it but I just … haven’t been able to get into it, like I really don’t enjoy it. I think it’s too “slow” for me. I’m not the best at relaxing. That being said, I LOVE that you’re getting into it. I wish I could appreciate that calm. Keep rockin’ the break from the intense exercise, maybe it was just what the dr. ordered!

    Get better ASAP!!! Sending you positive feel better thoughts 🙂

    • thank you for your well wishes and support! i used to hate yoga, too! i thought it was so boring but i’m seeing this as a different kind of physical challenge. instead of pushing to go forward, i’m pushing to stay in one place and really focus. it can be exhausting!


    • i watched an instructor do “standing split” and i almost said outloud, “you’ve got to be sh*tting me!” … good thing i didn’t!


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