Thanks, Jenn, for holding another great WIAW … hope you don’t mind but my bf’s crashing this party!  I introduced you all to J on Monday, so I thought it’d be interesting to introduce you to the huge amount of food this guy can put away!

He graciously agreed to photo document all his food for the day. Get ready, it’s gonna get crazy up in here!


I like to make fun of his morning “coffee” because it contains more hot cocoa powder and half & half than actual coffee. Still the man starts work at 4 am, so he needs his caffeine and this is the only way he can stand it!


Breakfast #1:  Scones & a yogurt bowl


Breakfast #2:  Trader Joe’s 3 Cheese Pizza (note: these are not the same slices of pizza, he ate the WHOLE pizza)


Snacks:  Snowmen cookies & 1, 2, or 3 (he can’t remember) individual trail mix bags


Lunch:  Massive burrito with Dr. K (the man’s addicted to Dr. Pepper … or rather, Dr. Pepper-esque drinks)


Dinner:  (another) Massive burrito (in his defense, he only ate 1/2 of this burrito … it was the size of a football, though)


Dessert:  microwave butter popcorn (not his picture – don’t blame him, he’s new at this food photo documentation thing!)

Note, J is 6’4” and weighs approximately 200 lbs.  As you can see, he’s not overweight and needs tons of energy for activities like chopping huge trees with tiny axes!


Thanks, babe, for being such a great sport!


20 thoughts on “W(J)AW

    • he does eat pretty healthy … although he said i could design a diet for him based on macronutrient needs for his size & activity level … such fun!


  1. Tell J I can totally relate to putting cocoa in my coffee….although I tend to stick with a heavy dose of cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa instead. [But when I was younger, at summer camp, we used to sneak coffee from the counselor’s coffee pot and make “mochas,” and they were delicious!]

    • i’ll let him know he’s not the only one … although, i think he’d scoff at the idea of unsweetened cocoa. i suggested it once when he was at my house and i think he actually gagged. heathen.


  2. hahaha so great! I wonder if my boyfriend would ever photo document his food for me haha I think it would mostly consist of giant bowls of grains, beans, ground beef, and toppings (cheese + salsa or pasta sauce + parmesan)

  3. YES! The sexy wood chopper is back! hehehe. Looks pretty similar to Viper’s eats… except Viper eats about a block of chocolate a night, argh men and their metabolisms!

    • i know – i hate that j can eat so much, work out only when he feels like it and stay super lean and muscular. boo! :) oh well, all this exercise … builds character? 🙂


  4. this is so random but scones are my new guilty pleasure OBSESSION. I’ve been craving them so much. Whats crazy is that I never liked scones until about 1 month ago. But the thought of a really good buttery scone (not one of dried, mostly flour ones), makes my mouth water!

    • i used to have to make scones every morning at a bakery and i ALWAYS made the butter ones – no cakey ones for this lady … and the glaze was where it was at!


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