you say, “tomato.” i say, “delicious.”

As usual, Lori’s recipe post left my mouth watering.  This one was for a noodle-less lasagna and it caught my eye because, quite frankly, I hate noodles!  They just take up valuable real estate that could be occupied by more tomato goodness.  I “pinned” her recipe immediately and finally got around to making this weekend.

Wowza, I’m so glad I did!  This stuff was everything I love about Italian food:  filled with tomato sauce & tomato paste (of which more than a few spoonful ended up in my mouth), reeking of garlic, and filled with fresh vegetables!

I left out the meat and cheese (yup, I’m weird and I don’t really like either).  My end product tasted more like roasted vegetables in tomato sauce but even better because the tomato sauce got all nice and crusty on the top!

J added ground beef, ricotta, and noodles to his portion of the dish … I guess he likes his lasagna to taste like lasagna.

Freak. Smile

Give this recipe a try, though, because it’s awesome!



9 thoughts on “you say, “tomato.” i say, “delicious.”

  1. Noodles DO take up tasty real estate, I love the veggies and sauce, too! Now I’m off to go check out the recipe, you just gave me a huge hankering for Italian food haha 😀

  2. UHM sign me up! This looks delicious! I sort of think noodles can ruin the deliciousness of lasagna… sometimes. Of course lasagna is lasagna but personally I much prefer vegetables, cheese, and tomato sauce and savory in that garlicky goodness!

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