Turn that Frown Upside Down

As you may remember, I’ve been experiencing extreme hip pain ever since Christmas.  I thought that it was due to overtraining and I placed a lot of blame on myself.  (thank you, by the way, for all your supportive comments and words of encouragement).

I had a chiropractor appointment on Monday and they took x-rays of my back.  It turns out I have scoliosis with a 23 degree curvature!  (how did all the doctors throughout my life miss this?)

(note: this is not my spine, but the lower portion of the spine has the same degree of curvature as mine)

The bend in my spine is forcing my pelvis out of whack (medical jargon) and causing my hip flexor to freak out (technical speak)

Running three 20 mile runs in three weekends, didn’t help matters, but it wasn’t the direct cause of my pain.  If anything, it alerted me to a condition that I needed to deal with.  Who knows how long I would have gone before I had to address my back problems?  It could have gotten much worse without proper treatment!  Now, however, I can begin the process of healing (chiropractic visits and exercises to realign my pelvis and reduce hip pain). 

In light of this, I am choosing to view this injury as a positive. I am turning the frown (doesn’t the spine curve look like a frown?) upside down!

Thank you injury for:

  1. preventing me from future back pain by showing me I need to work on straightening up my back (and my attitude)
  2. bringing yoga into my life – I love the stillness and calm this brings into my soul AND my body
  3. forcing me to slow down and take a break – I feel like, for the first time in a long time, I am listening to my body

Have you ever experienced something that initially was hard and painful but that forced you to grow?


12 thoughts on “Turn that Frown Upside Down

  1. Whoa how crazy! Like Lindsay said, you’re amazing for listening to your body and having such an amazing attitude about it all. Sayonara frown, hello big, pearly white grin!! 😀

  2. Crazy! Kind of good you discovered this, now you can focus on healing… power to the yoga 🙂 It’s all about listening to and respecting your body in the end… yoga has really helped me focus on this. Sometimes injuries like this can be a blessing in disguise.. it’s about how you approach the problem… attitude. You totally seem to have the right one 🙂

  3. WOW.. how did you just figure that out now?? i was kinda excited to find out we’re the same age! not sure why. just was. but i knew i had scoliosis when i was TEN… how did you make it this long?? and welcome to the world of sore hips/ backs/ankles/ knees and muscle imbalances 🙂

    • oh friend, i’ve been in the world of sore hips/ backs / ankles / knees & muscle imbalances, i just didn’t know why! it’s actually comforting now that i have a reason (and the beginnings of a solution)!


  4. HOLY JACKED UP BACK! That is absolutely insane! At least you didn’t do it to yourself. WOWZA.

    Yeah, I said wowza.

    Yoga will be nice…. I did hot yoga last week and I hated it at the time but I felt so wonderful afterwards. 🙂

    • j & i did hot yoga last saturday … you know what’s not nice? farting in the bikram room. that is nasty and whoever did it should be ashamed.


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