WIAW (more than meets the eye)

Thank you Jenn for hosting another great WIAW!!!

This edition is dedicated to my Monday night dinner.  It’s filled with surprises and chock full of secrets!

His & Her’s plates of tuna salad (sandwich for him) and on the side with roasted Brussels (why must we capitalize “Brussels?”) sprouts and bell peppers (for her).


Surprise #1:  This bread is grain-free and paleo and all thanks to Lori!  I used her recipe for Cheesy Paleo Bread and J loved it!  If you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely recommend it!


Surprise #2:  The tuna salad.  There’s not just fish mixed into this delicious dish (and no, I’m not alluding to the addition of net caught dolphins) there’s also shredded and steamed cauliflower.



All I did was take two cans of tuna, mixed in 1 cup of shredded & steamed cauliflower, added 1/2 cup of nonfat, plain Greek yogurt, & mixed in some TJ’s 21 Seasoning Salute & capers!  Yummm!  You couldn’t taste the cauliflower at all!

Do you ever practice “stealth nutrition” where you add vegetable purees to increase nutrients / fiber or decrease fat / calories?  I guess adding pumpkin puree instead of oil or spinach to smoothies counts, too!


20 thoughts on “WIAW (more than meets the eye)

  1. Ninja nutrition for the win! I love the cauliflower idea–GENIUS! 😀
    I like to add spinach to smoothies, beans to brownies, and cauliflower to mashed potatoes, I always feel so rebellious haha

  2. I didn’t even read the rest of the post because I had to add to your “Brussels” comment that I KNOW it’s probably named after Brussels (the city? or is it a region? I need to Google that), but since you can’t hear the s in it when you say Brussels sprouts, it makes spelling REALLY hard. Also, if they are the sprouts belonging to Brussels, it should be Brussels’ sprouts, with an apostrophe.

    Oh the English language….

    • i just made an executive decision (since wikipedia is down for the protest). these sprouts were discovered by mr. matteus brussel, a very healthy and prideful gardener. he realized the nutritional qualities of these cabbage like orbs and immediately wanted to attach his name to the green balls of gas-producing deliciousness. he christened them “brussel’s sprouts” but presently are often mistakenly referred to as Brussels sprouts. mr. brussel continues to roll in his grave.


  3. Ahh shredded cauliflower!! What a good idea! Do you ever add anything else? So there was no mayo at all in this? All just yogurt? Would you say it tastes about the same?

    Thanks for the recipe chica!

    • nope, no mayo & it was still so creamy & tasty! i’ve never added anything else to my tuna salads, but i do add pumpkin puree when i’m making my man mac & cheese (i hate mac & cheese so it’s strictly a J dinner) and i added spinach puree to a brownie batter (they were really good except i didn’t puree long enough!)


  4. I clicked on this link from WIAW because I saw brussels sprouts..my favorite food. I actually ate them for breakfast today. 😉 Anyway! I saw that you made that grain free bread and you mentioned it was paleo. Just curious, are you eating a paleo diet or is it just part of the “sugar free challenge” you are doing? Either way, I’m glad I found your page! I am finishing up my masters in nutrition as well. (Just because an RD in August.) Oh! About the veggie puree thing- I’m not sure if this counts as “adding” but I’ve been making cauliflower puree to make mock mash potatoes. It’s amazing! – I’m still confused with the brussels thing though… I’m not even sure half the time if it’s supposed to have an “s” on the end, so I definitely have no idea about it being capitalized.

    • i loooove all veggies, brussels sprouts are definitely some of my favorites, though! an rd, too! i’m thinking about applying for the dietetic internship after i get my masters. are you already practicing or waiting to get done with the masters? i’m not paleo, just trying to balance my bf’s consumption of large amounts of simple carbs with some complex, whole grains!


      • haha I understand that. I’m trying to tell my husband to put down the oatmeal cream pies! And yes I am already practicing. I have actually worked for WIC as a “nutrition educator” for 3 years and just started working for them as an RD as of August. My passion is for pediatric nutrition. I just love children.

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