Thanks, Jenn for hosting another great WIAW!  Here are some pics from my step-bro’s b-day party!  It’s a little glimpse of what everyone ate … and what I ate.  As usual, they were two different meals.

What my family ate:

Nasty fried pork skins


Mexican fusion egg rolls


Grilled veggies, tortillas, and beans


Guacamole & marinated, grilled meat


What I ate:

Hot mustard… soooo hot.  Burns so good.


Delicious salsa & steamed veggies


Marinated & grilled salmon


I loved my dinner and honestly wouldn’t have wanted anything else.  However, it is slightly awkward to ALWAYS eat a different meal than everyone else. 

Do you eat the same thing as the rest of your family or do you get “special” meals for yourself?


13 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. Mmm both look good…except for the pork rinds haha 😉
    Usually I’ll have the same meals as my family, but sometimes I’m not in the mood for their dish or I just don’t like it, so I whip up something else 🙂

    • yeah, those pork rinds were pretty darn gross! re: eating different dishes than family, i always have to check myself to see if i’m not eating the food b/c it’s a “fear” food or if i just don’t want what they’re having!

  2. Living alone that question doesn’t usually come up 😉 But I used to mostly eat with my family, although I have to say they ate pretty and I don’t have any allergies that keep me from enjoying milk or wheat (In Switzerland, that might be a problem)

  3. i used to insist on eating my own food all the time.. i never realised how mentally unhealthy i was! but when i came to my senses i used to eat the same food as every one else: just watched portion sizes and mostly we eat healhy anyway! now i live abroad and my roomates think i;m crazy with all my healthy food. kinda sad really- they order pizza in every second night and i’m the crazy one?? i eat normal human food!

    • i completely agree with you – i once had an ex comment on how the large amount of veggies i ate was “weird.” i argued that the mcdonald’s fake meat nasty burger he ate was actually what was weird!


  4. I usually eat something different from my family but it’s mainly because that’s how I was brought up. We never really ate the same thing anyway so I didn’t learn any differently! I eat what I crave and if I’m wanting what everyone else is having then I’ll have it. Loving the grilled salmon! one of my favorite foods 🙂

    • when i was growing up, i ate the same thing as everyone else (and hated it). my mom used to force me to eat steak and pork and only let me off the hook when i literally started gagging at the table! i guess it’s a good thing i eat what i want now … at least there’s less gagging! ps, isn’t grilled salmon the best! well… grilled anything is awesome!


    • i have to give all the credit to my mom for those! she actually didn’t serve them with any dip because the filling was so flavorful! it was full of mexican spices and noodles! she’s found a new culinary zeal!


  5. Ew at first glance, I though YOU were eating fried pork skins, ick! My family generally eats quite healthy (due to my influence… read: shouting health facts at their heads) but I will usually just alter what they are having slightly… bring my own vegan cheese/milk/protein to substitute their meat/cheese etc.

    I suppose it is kinda awkward (especially when I go to the in-Laws, they think I’m weird) but ya gotta do what makes you feel good, and I know I would cry eating fried pork skins!

    • j’s family has been reallyaccommodatingto my diet. they don’t even comment on the fact that i bring cans of tuna and don’t partake in the sandwiches everyone else is having. his mom has been especially great when it comes to meals – always making sure that i have something i feel comfortable eating! btw – as soon as i moved out of my parent’s house, bags of potato chips and ice cream mysteriously found it’s way in! :0


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