Good Problems

I know you’ve all been worried about me. 

note the sarcasm

I’ve been M.I.A. lately.

I’ve been reading blogs but not commenting

far too much brain power than I have available during this stressful season of midterms and work

I’ve also been reducing my stress through cooking, baking, and food processing.

expect a lot of recipe reviews from other bloggers since previously noted lack of brain power has resulted in a lack of inspiration in the kitchen – I will shamelessly copy but not invent any recipes of my own.

However, I know that the problems I have are “good problems:”

  • I have a job where I am valued and my opinions/work are necessary
  • I am able to pursue my Master’s degree in a field that I’m passionate about – midterms are a privilege
  • I have friends that I want to spend time with and that want to spend time with me
  • I have a boyfriend that loves me and likes to be around me
  • I have family close by and we all love each other so much we try to get together for dinner once a week

So, I will continue to feel grateful for my “problems” and be thankful for the responsibilities I have.  I will also continue to read your blogs and comment when brain space allows.

I leave you with a good problem: I made J pancakes with beet puree (adding a nutrition boost & pretty color) and a tofu scramble.  Problem:  J loved the pancakes but pretty much hated the tofu scramble.  Good part:  more for me!



7 thoughts on “Good Problems

  1. Sorry to hear about some of the stress but good for you for staying so positive in the midst of it all! We are all so blessed! 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend and hope your brain can get some rest!

  2. mmmm I LOVE tofu scramble… Viper doesn’t like it either though, he says it is creepy (!) Love the idea of beets in a pancake – I made chilli chocolate beetroot brownies the other day – really really good, weird, but good ya know? 🙂

    What are you doing your Masters in?

    • honestly, tofu is kind of creepy! it’s like the “single white female” (hope that reference isn’t just for Americans) that takes on the personality of those around it! but i love that mush of bland, white, protein!


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