Mum’s the Word Monday – Oatie Galore

Mum's the Word

Below you will find variations on perfection (HEAB’s famous Oaties).  I’ve been using the OG oatie version and adding in or subbing ingredients I have on hand – result:  PERFECTION (except that recipe that turned into a crumbly, burned, charcoal mess.  That disaster is a secret between J and I.)

Gingerbread Oatie (no dried fruit or nuts – gramps has sensitive teeth dentures but included white and dark chocolate chips b/c if this lady loves it, it can’t be wrong)


PB & J Oatie (apricot jelly instead of maple syrup)


I’m lazy creative and bake them in bar form instead of balls.  Under bake them if you want soft bars and leave them in for about 30 minutes if you want harder granola bars.  Enjoy!


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