WIAW – yeasty, farty goodness

It looks like goo, smells like baby poo, and tastes kind of … off.


Of course, it’s my new obsession and I LLLLOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE it!!!  Thank you Lindsey for ranting about this love of yours – it’s made my dinners a 1000x better!

I love it enough to make it the star of this WIAW!  Thanks, Jenn, for giving me an opportunity to pay homage to a wonderful new food find!


I’ve been adding a drizzle to roasted veggies and topping with various protein sources.  My favorite is a runny egg and nonfat, plain Greek yogurt.


But I’ve also been adding topping it with canned sardines and tamari!  (It’s like New Zealand and Japan collided … and made a beautiful food baby!)


Have you tried marmite or vegemite?  Thoughts?  Hate it – Send it my way!


20 thoughts on “WIAW – yeasty, farty goodness

    • i’ve been dying to try it ever since seeing it on linds’ blog but i waited till i found a coupon for 20% off anything at a local natural grocer (it’s normally like $9 & i couldn’t justify the gamble on something i might hate). you can probably get it online, too, though. it’s also probably worth it as a vegetarian b/c it’s got so many b vitamins, though!


  1. I tried vegemite on toast when we were in Australia, but I wasn’t a fan at allllll. I must admit though, the title of this WIAW made me almost fall out of my chair laughing haha!! 😀

  2. Way to be adventurous! Definitely an acquired taste. Being half-Brit I grew up with the stuff. My dad made marmite soldiers with boiled eggs for breakfast (Strips of toast with butter and tiny bit of marmite.) If you are attempting it, less is more when it comes to the stuff. And it is soooo not gluten-free since it is essentially a wheat by-product.

    • ok – but only if you send me yours, too! 🙂 i want to send you something in return – something to remind you of the US & your friend in California!

      Tianna Sheehan PO Box 1475 Paso Robles, CA 94447


  3. Vegemite is better…. Kiwi Marmite is really sugary so is yummy but for an entirely different reason! I’m a freak and eat it by the tablespoon- full…. I was raised on the stuff. Misty loves it too 🙂 Salty yeasty goodness (ew)

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