Give me a boost

Lindsay wrote before about the ways in which she and her husband support each other, namely in the way she is a training/nutrition Sherpa for the hubs while he is an emotional/life-support Sherpa for her.

Well, since J is about a foot taller than me…

Christmas 2011 (2)

He doesn’t “sherpa” my baggage, so much as give me a boost here and there.

This weekend I ran my first 15k


and the plan was for J to wait with me at the starting line, go to Starbucks after the race started, and come back to see the end of the race.  The race was 9 miles so we figured he’d have plenty of time to get some grub and check his email before I crossed the finish line.

What did he do?  He took pictures of me at the starting line


(so cold, so, so, cold … and yes, I realize that it’s not that cold, but I’m a California wimp)IMG_6098

But then J didn’t leave, he waited in the car parked by the course until I passed by


His presence gave me the emotional boost I needed to push me and keep me strong.

I ended up finishing the 9 miles in 68 minutes, 4 minutes faster than I hoped for.  I got 1st in my age group and came in 4th overall!!!


Having him by my side during the race emotionally and literally meant more to me than I could have guessed.

I like to return the favor by providing J with a nutritional boost.

I was inspired by Lou’s cinnamon buns and by the way she stuffed her raw goodies with delicious fillings.  My mind was on cinnamon buns so I figured I’d do my own take on them.

I adapted Chocolate Covered Katie’s version of Oatmeal Raisin Larabar


and then spread some homemade peanut butter, dropped some raisins, and sprinkled some raw sugar on top.


Roll, roll, roll and then chop, chop, chop


I hope these provide J with an energy boost in the same way seeing him standing on the race course gave me one.  I hope that when J eats these, he feels me by his side even when I’m not.  I hope these show him how much I love him.  Just like knowing he was waiting for me at the finish line showed me how much he loves me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  (early because I don’t believe in forced holidays.  But, it’s not a cheesy Hallmark holiday if I celebrate it on Sunday!)


18 thoughts on “Give me a boost

  1. ARGH your rolls look AMAZING! YUMMO big time. Love your combining of the 2 recipes into one glorious roll of joy 🙂

    Oh and massive congrats to you – you are a running MACHINE…and sexy wood chopper gets huge bonus points for being your support team. Wow, well done T… I couldn’t even run around the block, so I admire any one that goes in a race 😉

    • i think j just got the biggest joy out of being referred to as the sexy wood chopper! come to think of it, he should have carved me a trophy out of a log he found on the course! 🙂


  2. WOAH. These look out of control delicious!! And I’m going to have to re-create in a paleo fashion, you know this, right????? I’ve made raw cinnamon rolls before and they are SO good- although yours look so pretty!

    Congrats on your race! You are too cute!

    • oh i hope you do “paleo-ize” them! i thought of you when i was making them and just pictured you re-creating them for all the clients you train! 🙂


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