Faux-Dough & PSA

Angela recently posted a recipe for Vegan Cookie Dough Freezer Fudge and I knew I had to try it.  I’ve played around with cookie dough flavors before but I’ve never achieved that true “cookie dough” taste or texture.  That changed with this recipe!

In fact, J thought they tasted so much like cookie dough, he asked if we could bake it into actual cookies.  I didn’t think that would actually work and he didn’t have a problem eating the dough “raw.”  He dubbed it “faux-dough.”  I dubbed him a genius.

Angela heated up her coconut oil, milk and sucanat to cut down on the “gritty” factor.  I ground my sugar up with oats to mimic the powdered sugar that was called for in some recipes.


She also added 1/3 cup mashed banana but I decided to blend 1/3 cup of dates with the coconut oil to make a paste.


Then I mixed, mixed, mixed (eventually giving up on the darn spatula and using my hands)


and flattened it out into a bar of glory


And now for the Public Service Announcement:

J’s co-worker said the faux-dough tasted like play-doh.  She obviously does crack.

If you think this faux-dough tastes like play-doh, stop doing crack.


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