Mums the Word Monday Sweet Numbers Edition

6:30 am leave the house

Wine Country half marathon 001

Pin the race bib, #466

half marathon 001Wine Country half marathon 003

2 double knots

Wine Country half marathon 004Wine Country half marathon 002Wine Country half marathon 005

1 big blue pillar blocking me in the picture

Wine Country half marathon 006

13.1 miles

1 hour 40 minutes

Wine Country half marathon 007

5th in my age group

16th overall female

49th out of 436 runners

Wine Country half marathon 008

2 blood blisters

half marathon 002

1 very happy runner

Please forgive a boastful post.  This race was about more than running.  It was about survival from the battles within.  I am proud of my victories.  I am carrying on. 


12 thoughts on “Mums the Word Monday Sweet Numbers Edition

    • at least they’re battle wounds that won’t scar! i didn’t even realize i’d gotten them until later in the day! … did i just admit to not showering post-race? :) hehe


  1. Good for you! Half Marathon, quite a feat! And ouch those blisters look radical! Hope they don;t hurt as bad as they look 😦
    But as someone else mentioned, they make great battle scars! (Why is it that we all think that’s cool, lol?)

    • we, healthy living bloggers, are a strange bunch! i’d be much more impressed with running blisters than a beautiful pedicure! 🙂


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