ABC’s now you know me

I’ve been a little stumped for blog posts lately.  I’ve been stressed with work, brain-dead from school, dealing with tons of body issues, and eating the same damn food over and over.  I could fill the blog world with negativity, salads and plain chicken, or silence.  I’ve been choosing silence – with occasional outbursts of comments. 

However, I do love these chain posts that spread like gonorrhea wildfire.  I like getting to know you fellow bloggers through them and finding out fun similarities we all have in common (besides the love of oats). Smile  

Thanks have to go to Sarah for alerting me to this template and to Janetha for creating it! 

A is for age:  28 … soon to be 29 and sitting in classrooms filled with 18 year olds.  I hold my head in my hand while listening to them talk and realize I’m too old to understand the need to shorten EVERY FREAKING WORD:  obv, totes, etc.

B is for breakfast today:  Breakfast is eaten at work after the gym.  I utilize prep cooking on the weekends with big batches of cooked oats/egg whites and plain nonfat Greek yogurt.

C is for currently craving:

Meat.  Meat.  Meat.  Usually I hate meat and only eat it because my body feels better when I get animal protein.  Lately, however, I can’t get enough meaty goodness.  I made a rocking pork tenderloin earlier this week, carved up some seared steak … still bloody to top a salad, and last night J and I demolished a roasted chicken.


D is for dinner tonight:

hmm… usually my dinners consist of roasted veggies, iceberg lettuce (I LOVE iceberg), and some form of protein.


E is for favorite type of exercise:

Definitely running.  I feel better the longer I go and am proud to have completed my first 1/2 marathon!

F is for an irrational fear:

Bread.  It’s definitely a fear food that I have yet to conquer.  I’ve eaten bites here and there but I really, really, really want a big doughy bagel.  My irrational fear is that I won’t be able to stop at just one and I’ll balloon up to the size of a house.

G is for gross food:

I actually hate avocado, cheese, mayo, fried foods, egg yolks.  That’s not just the ED talking.  I’ve never liked these foods – I have memories of being a little kid while my mom forced me to eat the yolks out of my hardboiled eggs or trying (unsuccessfully) to convince her I was allergic to string cheese.

J, on the other hand, loves all these things so I oblige and make them for him.  The things we do for love!


H is for hometown:

Indio, CA but shhh… don’t tell anyone…


I was MISS INDIO.  Yup, wore a crown, waved in a parade, and competed in the Miss CA pageant.

I is for something important:

Me.  Sorry, but it’s something that I have to keep reminding myself of.  I need to love myself and treat myself kindly, treat myself importantly.

J is for current favorite jam:

Carry On” by FUN. 

May your past be the sound

of your feet upon the ground

Carry on

K is for kids:

No, thank you.

L is for current location:

San Luis Obispo, CA

M is for the most recent way you spent money:

Bulk bin wheat bran at the local natural foods store.  I love that stuff!

N is for something you need:

… I’ve left this one blank and have thought and thought about it.  Nothing comes to mind and I’ve decided to accept this.  My life is full of everything I need and everything I have serves its purpose.

O is for occupation:

Full time student, Program Coordinator of an organization that does community outreach in health and wellness.

P is for pet peeve:

Chewing with your mouth open.  I can’t stand mouth noises, in general.

Q is for a quote:

“A woman is like a Tea Bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

R is for random fact about you:

According to J:  I like all the parts of vegetables that people throw away. 

This is true, I prefer sweet potato skins to the actual potato, broccoli stalks are delicious, and I’ve been known to eat the orange rind (nope, not candied, just plain orange peel).

S is for favorite healthy snack:

Beef jerky!!!  I hate red meat but LOVE dried meat.  Don’t know why, but salty, chewy, slightly sweet meat gets me every time!

T is for favorite treat:

Watermelon.  I’ve eaten a whole (regular-sized) watermelon by myself in one day.  I do not recommend this.

U is for something that makes you unique:

I’m 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Irish

V is for favorite vegetable:

Kabocha, Kabocha, Kabocha.  But I haven’t had any in more than a month!  Previous to this, I’d had it almost every day for about 3 years.  Hence the day-glo orange palms and the need for the current detox.

W is for today’s workout:


X is for X-rays you’ve had:

The diagnosis of my scoliosis.  It only took 28 years for a doctor to finally notice this, thanks US medical system!

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:

Greeting J at the door when he got home from work.  Sometimes always, it’s the little things that count.  Although, in J’s case, the man’s 6’4, so he counts as a big thing.


Z is for your time zone:

Pacific, California love!

There you go, now it’s your turn!


13 thoughts on “ABC’s now you know me

  1. AHH that beef looks delicious! 🙂 and i think you and i would be fridge besties–i’m jerky obsessed AND i loathe all those foods you do… especially avocado haha
    Hope you have a wonderful day m’dear!!

  2. Yay… love hearing these little tid bits about you, T 🙂 Oh my gosh I have never seen EGGS cooked in an avocado… Viper will lose his mind over this, I am going to make it for him tonight!

    Sorry to hear things have been a little rough as of late for you…. LOVE 🙂

  3. So funny how similar we are! I love these things for just that reason.

    The joke in my family is “Sarah eats the garnish.” (I, too, love the parts people don’t normally eat. 😉 Broccoli stalk soup is the best! And the time I ate a whole batch of roasted sweet potato skins I think my mom was kind of frightened.)

    Totally have eaten a whole watermelon.

    And a whole ‘loupe.

    And pineapple.

    You ARE important, by the way.

    • haha, i totally know what you mean about the frightened looks on people’s faces. i worked at a restaurant that made huge batches of sweet potato biscuits every day. the cooks would boil the sweet potatoes and then throw away the skins (the horror!). i got them to save the skins in tubs for me. yet another reason why i turned bright orange. 🙂


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