Current obsessions

Hey friends, just a quick pop-in to share the things that are rocking my world right now.

1.  Kettlebells

I’ve been using Bob Harper’s contour kettlebells with his Cardio Rev DVD.  I’m not a wuss when it comes to working out and so it means a lot when I say that this man kicks my butt!  He’s really motivating, the moves are killer, and I feel like it’s a solid hour of cardio/strength training.

2.  Coconut oil


I bake with coconut oil all the time but, yeah, I never eat the food I bake.  Frankly, I’m afraid of oil.  But I’ve been carb cycling for the past week and the low-carb day includes a lot more fat in my diet than I’m usually comfortable with.  However, because it’s a controlled diet, I feel a lot more able to eat those fear foods.  I’ve been cooking with coconut oil and topping my egg whites with it.  Result:  holy moly I love this stuff!  Plus, I’m a lot more satiated at the end of the meal with a higher fat proportion in my diet!

3.  Pink Oranges

Frankly, I don’t care if pure radiation makes these oranges pink.  They’re pretty and delicious and make me happy.

4.  J

Not a new obsession but a constant favorite and I had to do a little shout-out for his birthday!  Happy Birthday, J!  Love you!


13 thoughts on “Current obsessions

    • well thank you! but alas, no, i never eat them myself besides a nibble for quality control. definitely “fear” foods but something i’m always working on!


    • definitely get your hands on some coconut oil AND kettlebells … but NOT at the same time! 🙂 that could be dangerous! kettlebells are awesome, though – they really work your hamstrings and abs!


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