You win some You lose some

I participated in Lindsay’s Foodie Penpal and LOVED it!  Who doesn’t love getting a box filled with goodies?  Catherine sent the most amazing box with tons of great food!  Thank you so much Catherine!  You’re too sweet!


As is the case with me, though, it wasn’t without its ordeals …

Round 1 Awesome chocolates vs. heat

Winner:  heat

Unfortunately, the awesome chocolates that Catherine sent me (you’re right, Catherine, chocolates are a girl’s best friend) got knocked out by the heat in transit to mi casa.

Round 2  – Nutritious energy bars vs. hungry girls

Winner:  hungry girls

Unfortunately, the nutritious energy bars were ravenously consumed during a long day of inventory before pictures could be taken.

Round 3this post vs. the internet

Winner:  the internet

Unfortunately, this post couldn’t go up as scheduled for the last day of April (forgive my Lindsey for not following the rules!) because the internet at my house is down.  Better late than never, though!

These were the goodies that did make it on camera … although they’ve recently lost the rounds against J & my belly.  Smile 


I’m so glad you brought these into my home, Catherine! J looooooves blistered peanuts and I looooove ginger … those candied ginger bites may or may not have been hidden from J. Embarrassed smile   The roasted plantain chips taste like thick, baked potato chips.  The spicy garbanzo beans brought the 1/4 Mexican out in me and the popcorn … well that’s a daily occurrence for me and was used to torture my office mates with its alluring aroma.

Thanks, again, Catherine!


12 thoughts on “You win some You lose some

  1. Yummo, what a fun swap – dang being all the way on the other side of the world an not allowed to participate 🙂

    oooo I haven’t had popcorn in forever… I have a yellow dinosaur popcorn machine, he’s cool.

    • ohmygosh, i have one of those, too! except i HATE it because he shoots popcorn everywhere BUT the bowl! i have to drape a towel over it to aim the popcorn down!


  2. Crystallized Ginger?! I’ve had this product before but in a chewy form. Fan-freakin-tastic!! This was my first month too…loooooved it!!

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