Two truths in life

Two truths in life: 

Everyone has potential.  No one has reached it.  ~  Alex Mandossian

Every morning I wake up.  Every time I stretch my way out of bed:

I am reaching toward my goals. 

I am one “reach” closer to inner peace, to self-forgiveness, and to treating myself with the kindness I deserve.

What are you reaching for?


8 thoughts on “Two truths in life

  1. Love this!!
    I sometimes feel like i reach for something new with each day– today, I’m reaching for lots of hugs from my mom 🙂 I think part of the adventure is not knowing what tomorrow’s goals will be!

    • ah, i’m so glad you were able to get hugs and you’re right, not knowing where the road is leading can make the journey an adventure! (just like you changing schools, sometimes the unexpected are the best gifts)


  2. Keep these inspirational quotes coming! I’m working for finding a happier me too! We can do it girl!

    Have a great day! Thanks for brightening mine 🙂

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