WIAW Low Carb Day

Hey friends, I thought I’d join Jenn’s party today and drop in with a little WIAW, low-carb style.

I’ve been cycling low, medium, and high carb days with about 50, 90, and 150 grams of rotating carbs.  I’m actually loving it!  I’ve been eating tons of fear foods – seeking out coconut oil, peanut butter, egg yolks on the low-carb days and eating …gasp … bread on the high-carb days!

This diet is actually less restrictive than I was eating before AND I’m noticing body composition changes!!!

So here’s a peek into a low-carb day (not all the eats, but all the eats I remembered to photo).


1/2 cup of egg whites and 2 whole eggs topped with spinach & salsa


Ground turkey with ‘shrooms and salsa


Canned salmon salad


Dipping my toe into the paleo world with these AWESOME cinnamon sliders I first saw on Christina’s blog and got the recipe from Paleomg.  So Good!


Served with sautéed mushrooms and bell peppers.

I was meat’d out after consuming approximately 1/2 a pork tenderloin while prepping food for the week. (note to self, eating the food you cook does NOT equal food prep) so I only ate 2-3 sliders.  J ate ALL of the rest – I think that means he liked them!


I also made a meatza from Paleomg after spying it on Juliet’s blog – yup, that was awesome, too!


Topped off with a little yogurt for dessert.  Un-dipping my toe from the paleo world.


Ever tried meatza?  Have you jumped onto the Paleo bandwagon?


20 thoughts on “WIAW Low Carb Day

  1. Oh my gosh everything looks so dang delicious! The bison and meatza especially! 🙂 J’s tummy is very, very lucky to have you as its personal chef haha

  2. I’m interested in the low high carb cycle thing. What can you tell me about it? Is there a schedule? mushrooms and salsa = love. add mustard and you’ve got a Happy Hannah.
    Paleo isn’t for me, being vegetarian, plus I think your brain needs carbs. meatza sounds cool but has meat in it so….I think I’ll just marvel over the name 🙂

    • haha, how about a tofu-za? 🙂 the carb cycling works by keeping your metabolism stoked and teaching your body to run off fat for fuel on the low-carb days and replenishing muscle glycogen on high-carb days. it actually works pretty well for endurance athletes because so much of your body’s energy comes from fat on long, aerobic runs.


    • i HATE ketchup (weird because i eat spaghetti sauce, salsa, and tomato paste with a spoon) so that’s not a problem for me. but i don’t think i can go full-paleo because i’m kind of in love with artificially sweetened crystal light packets. i tried giving them up and i basically shriveled up in dehydration! :) here’s to carb-cycling! it is seriously doing the trick!


  3. I saw those cinnamon sliders on Christina’s blog too and haven’t stopped thinking about them! MUST get bison asap. Meatza is a favorite of mine. So tasty…and easy too!

  4. I love egg/mushrooms/salsa, it is such a great combination! On my running days I have higher carb, and on my strength training days I have higher protein, and I find it very effective in allowing me to have enough energy on run days, and still build muscle from strength training 🙂

    • i eat higher carb on the day before my cardio (i exercise first thing in the morning) and i agree, the cycling gives me the right macros for the right exercise!


  5. Hmmmm this whole carb cycling thing is kinda interesting… is it complicated to get your head around? Reading your responses to the other comments I think I kind of get it… how did you find out about it in the first place?

    • I’m a total geek when it comes to most things, so I read a lot of nutrition/sports related materials and listen to a lot of nutrition/sports related podcasts. Plus, I’m a nutrition grad student and I’ve taken a sports nutrition and metabolism class. So, carb cycling is becoming more popular in this world because (theoretically and shown in some experiments) that it allows muscles to become more insulin sensitive and to rely primarily on fat for energy. It’s also useful in that it’s easier to go low-carb when you know that a higher-carb day is coming. mainly, why i like it is because it’s challenging my diet to include more variety and different fueling techniques. i also feel better in my workouts!


    • yup, that would be really hard! i was a vegan for a while and loved it while it lasted but now i’m really loving meat again!


  6. I don’t think a paleo diet would work for me with the high milage I run (60-70 mi/wk) but I find the basis of the diet great! Glad to see that you are enjoying your carb cycling.

    • i saw it at the grocery store but i didn’t like the macronutrient profile – not as much protein as other brands! my favorite is fage!


  7. Spinach, salsa, and egg whites. Dear you know the way to my heart! I’m going to have to try the canned salmon salad. Recommend anything else to go on it?

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