WIAW Stuft to the Brim

Yup, I have a blog crush on Stuft Mama.  Her recipes all look great, she’s got a sweet tooth AND loves spicy foods … and if there’s a slight chance in hell I can eat like her and get the massive biceps she has … I’ll take it!

Thanks Jenn for hosting this weekly party and thanks Stuft Mama for inspiring most of my high-carb day eats!


Roasted broccoli slaw – next time I’ll leave it in longer to make it burnt nice and crispy!


J put some roasted coleslaw on a sandwich and I made a bowl of mine with egg whites & ‘shrooms!


Pumpkin protein cookie dough with wheat bran instead of oatmeal


Dark Chocolate Frosting made with maltitol instead of sugar free maple syrup


A version of her Protein Float with Root Beer and a thick vanilla protein smoothie.


Ever made a protein float?  I’m hooked – fizzy, cool, creamy!

Ever roast your slaw vegetables?  I say, bring the burnt crisps on!


18 thoughts on “WIAW Stuft to the Brim

    • oh my goodness, roast brussel sprouts are the best! i love how the outer leaves get extra crispy! so good with asian spices and sauces!


  1. Awesome, I haven’t thought of making a protein float like that! Think I’ll find another use for Zevia; thanks for the great, tasty idea!

    I’d like to have more slaw veggies, and I’d love for them to be roasted. Roasted *insert any veggie here* is probably the best way to enjoy! And Brussels Sprouts, well, lets just say I’d choose those over chocolate without thinking twice! Add mushrooms and I won’t talk….b/c my mouth would be full!

    Happy wiaw!

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