Progress Pics

Hey friends, I’ve been inspired by Sable and her raw honesty and documentation of progress.  It’s one thing to take progress pics for yourself but it’s an entire other thing to put them out there for the blog world to see.

I thought I’d follow her lead and show my progress after 1 month of (semi-strict) carb cycling.  I’m pretty pleased with my results!  (I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and 1 inch on my thighs while maintaining upper arm!) 

Not looking for an ego stroke here, just trying to be honest and keepin’ it real!

4-24-12 profile6-6-12 profile



11 thoughts on “Progress Pics

    • i basically eat the same foods i’ve always eaten, but i cycle between low, med, and higher carb days. it’s very similar to jamie eason’s 3rd portion of her program. did you do the diet, too, or only the workout?


  1. great job!!! and in only a month! 😀 keep it up. (found your blog through peas and crayons… your blog name made me laugh so i had to click. haha) can’t wait to read more!

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