J and T take over the bay area

Hey friends, I’m back!  J and I had the most amazing camping trip at Mt. Diablo! I got to show him around my old stomping grounds in Berkeley and Oakland.  We toured around SF and had the most amazing dinners!

Besides the long walks, hikes, and outdoor yoga at our campsite (awesome, by the way) I had no structured exercise from Tues-Friday.  I also ate “regular” meals without huge changes/subs/freak-outs.  People, I ATE DESSERT!!! 

Needless to say, I am beyond happy with my progress and my ability to live my life!  Cheers to the strength it takes to slow down & determination required to let go!




11 thoughts on “J and T take over the bay area

    • thank you so much! it was true joy and a true example of a strong companionship! plus, when i drove back home to san luis obispo, i felt like i was coming home. it really showed me that, while i love the bay area, i’ve made a life that i love in the central coast.


  1. What a wonderful and life changing trip!!! San fran/northern California has been the host to monumental trips for both of us 🙂 Doesn’t it feel amazing to just let go and live life free of all those dumb food rules?! Suck it ED!!! 😀 So glad you had a wonderful time with J!

    • i seriously kicked that ED b*tch’s ass! :) it was such an amazing feeling – as i’m sure you’re relating to right now! 🙂


  2. Glad to see you guys had a great time! I’m working on finding a nice area close enough to drive for my wife and I to go camping. I used to go a lot, but it’s not quite her thing so I’m determined to make it a great experience.

    If I can plan anything like what you guys had, I know she’ll want to go more!

    Way to go with the no-stress enjoyment of food. Welcome back!

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