loving the little things

I love the little things.  The small details that make life sweet. 

A big example of great things in small packages are the Nutty Butter jars I recently ordered from Sarah, my favorite teacher at The Smart Kitchen.


1st:  The big aroma wafting out as soon as I popped the lids.

Usually I turn my nose up at apple pie in a package, but this I can totally get behind!

2nd:  the big tastes of apple pie and chai tea!  These nut butters don’t need anything but a spoon to enjoy.  In fact, I’d be afraid to do anything but make them the star of a snack … meal!


3rd:  big effort to take all dietary restrictions into account … even when they should be obvious


4th: (my) big desire that the “nut(tea)” was Sarah’s way of saying hi to me! Winking smile 


5th:  big manners


No, thank you!!!

What little things are making a big difference to you?


13 thoughts on “loving the little things

  1. Oooo, Chai flavored nut butter?! This I must try…going to The Smart Kitchen now!

    The little things in my life that make a big difference are the increasingly positive comments I get on my blog as well as a happy wife! I had to add the wife thing, but this is (most of the time) a constant, but makes a huge difference in quality of life.

    I love seeing the comments on my posts just know people “actually” are reading my thoughts. You are one of them, and I thank you for the great comments! Have a great day…it’s almost weekend time!

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