Chocolate Marshmallow Protein Frosting

While your boyfriend (with the superhuman metabolism) eats this:


You can eat this:


By mixing these:




Do you eat dessert with your significant other/family or do you make your own “healthier” versions? 


11 thoughts on “Chocolate Marshmallow Protein Frosting

  1. Ohhh my gosh haahahah this is soooo genius!! I have used Fage (or any greek yog) as sour cream, and as a baking substitute, but would have never thought of this!!!

  2. ALWAYS a different lo cal option for me (booo. Grr. Hiss). I have those frostings and have been putting them in smoothies and gelatin type puddings- some of the colors are really vile, like the chocolate mint one- barf!

  3. I make own dessert for my wife and myself. It has become a nightly thing where I puree a mix of carrots, squash, spinach, peas, frozen berries and other fruit with protein powder, stevia, and peanut butter…sometimes cocoa powder too. Liquids range from just water, dairy and non-dairy milk, and even a little Zevia soda.

    I know it can suck when others have their store-bought icy treats, but I’m much happier with homemade! Keep up the determination!

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