WIAW Freezer Scrapings

I’ve gushed about Fridge Scrapings before and this is the same idea.  It’s what you do when you’re taking care of a bf who is recovering from hernia surgery while working and taking 3 accelerated summer classes.  You scrape that freezer clean in lieu of going to the store.

Surprisingly, for the small size of my freezers, they held a lot I had forgotten about!

Thanks, Jenn, for holding another great WIAW party and letting me show off my frozen gems!

These are what the bf got:


Cheesy bacon chicken patties based off of Lou’s recipe


My version of shepard’s pie – defrosted (previously cooked sweet potato) with frozen (previously cooked) meat and veg that thawed & warmed up during baking time.


Nana’s cookies!  I won these in a Sarah’s giveaway, took pictures, stored them in the freezer, and then shamefully forgot to write a thank you post!  My own nana would not be pleased!

What I’ve been consuming in massive amounts:


My High-Protein Chocolate Cookie based on Stuft Mama’s recipe.  I filled it with my chocolate protein butter (1/2 Tbsp coconut oil + 1/2 scoop Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein Powder)

K, hope you’re all having a great Wednesday!  I’m off to go see what else is lurking in my freezer!


17 thoughts on “WIAW Freezer Scrapings

  1. Ah that is a good idea! I’m sure stuff is bound to get random when you scrap out a fridge! I’m going to try those protien cookies, such a good way to not mess up your diet when you’re craving chocolate!

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