Well, I’m stressed and tired and overwhelmed with life, school, etc.  But, you know what?  That’s life and I’m lucky to have these “good problems!”  So today I’m joining in on a new (to me) trend and participating in the Marvelous in my Monday party – let’s flip these problems and see the glass as half full!

Thanks Katie for forcing me to be thankful and for brightening my day!


Moving and Packing are marvelous because it means that I get to live with my best friend in less than a week!


Studying is marvelous because it means that I am one more midterm, one more course, and one more quarter closer to my Master’s degree. 

Body fat is marvelous because it means that my body is taking care of itself after the torture I put it through during my ED.  My body is telling me that it’s scared I’m going to starve it again and it is trying to repair the damage I’ve done.  I need to listen to my body and respect it.

Sure, I’m trying to gain muscle and tone up and I am actively tracking/trying to increase my progress but I’m also accepting that I need to stop fighting my physiology.  I will continue to eat as healthy as possible.  I will continue to challenge myself with workouts.  But, I am trying my darndest to just accept my body for what it is.  If that means that I’m going to stay at the body fat percentage I’m at now, fine.  My body can carry itself through workouts like these and these and that, my friends, is more satisfaction than any visible ab muscle can give me!

Don't let your mind bully your body

What’s marvelous for you this Monday?  Please share, I’d love to radiate in some of your sunshine!!!


9 thoughts on “MIMM

  1. Ah, Mondays – not always my favorite but there’s always a brighter side to things like what you outlined here 🙂 As for my Monday… First training day after the weekend break but i’m excited because it’s time spent with my husband!

  2. Awww yay! I’m so happy you’re gonna be moving in with your man, how exciting! 😀 I you have no idea how much your view on college classes just helped me– sometimes I forget that each test and class is a step closer to the goal! Thanks for the great reminder my friend!! 🙂

  3. Excellent post! Kelley and I took off from work to, well, not work, but I just kept thinking of how I’ll have to go back the next day. This post helps my to appreciate the job better.

    Congrats on moving in together soon, I’m sure you’ll love it. Plus, the moving is a great strength training w/o!

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