Breakfast Food Friday

Just a quick pop-in this wonderful Friday to participate in Claire’s Breakfast Food Friday party! In fact, yesterday morning I told J we were having breakfast for dinner last night just so that I could link up!

(sign #1 you’re a blogger – you plan meals around blog posts)

J was very disappointed when I told him that he’d be having French toast, bacon, and avocado. 😉 

(sign #2 you’re a blogger: immediately after photographing food, you comment that you need different colored plates to better showcase the food)

The question he kept asking ALL day, “Are you sure we have maple syrup?”

Apparently, maple syrup, is essential to French toast! As someone who hasn’t eaten French toast in probably 10 years, I don’t remember these facts!

I beat the heat with a good old fashioned green smoothie in a bowl!

(sign #3 you’re a Healthy Living Blogger: you think green SIAB are commonplace)

(sign #4 you’re a Healthy Living Blogger: you think above green SIAB looks good)

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Any fun plans? Please share so that I can live vicariously through you!

I’ll be moving on Sunday & studying for two back-to-back midterms I have on Monday!


20 thoughts on “Breakfast Food Friday

    • j actually dipped his finger in it once on accident. he licked his finger. that was the first and last time he tried a green smoothie. 🙂


  1. Love the healthy smoothies! I am always trying different veggies to puree into my protein smoothies. Lately, I’ve been using steamed rhubarb, cauliflower, spinach, and frozen mixed berries. Sounds weird, but a little spice and stevia and it’s great!

    I always have my smoothies in a plastic drinking cup wrapped in a koozie so it doesn’t “sweat” everywhere. That way, I can hold and type (mainly blog!) while enjoying my smoothies.

    Kelley and I are just going to my mom’s house (40 min away) to visit her for the day. It’s always nice to sit and share stories. Hope your move goes well and you ace those mid-terms! Good luck!

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  3. If I were the kind of person who actually laughed out loud when I’m alone instead of THINKING about laughing out loud…I would have just fallen over on the floor at your “signs of a food blogger.”

    I am SO guilty.

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