Breaking Balls

Hmm… that sounds wrong … maybe Ball Breaker … nope, still gives you the wrong impression … Smile

Okay, in all honesty, it’s Breaking and Balls.

Craisin Choco Popcorn Energy Ball, single

You see, I’ve put myself on a Blogging Break … a timeout, so to speak.

I have been less than thrilled with the grades I’m getting in my summer school classes (imagine that, taking 3 accelerated classes + working + moving = subpar performances in all categories). 

So, I’ve mandated a blogging break (with one or two posts if there’s something awesome I have to share … like a giveaway hint hint!) until summer school is over in August. 

I’ll still be reading your blogs but comments will be fewer (I know you’ll miss my sarcastic wit Winking smile ). 

I’ll leave you with pics of the latest popcorn energy ball creation

Craisin Chocolate Popcorn Energy Balls!

Craisin Choco Popcorn Energy Balls

I hope that you all are having an amazing weekend!


12 thoughts on “Breaking Balls

  1. Oh man, I love making easy, no-cook protein balls, but as you mention, it’s hard to steer clear of the connotation! I made some for my mom and, well,….we try not to talk about it.

    Nothing like giving your mom some healthy chocolate balls! See? It doesn’t work.

    Anyway, take it easy and get through those classes; they’ll end faster than you know….maybe. We’ll all be here when you come back, I promise!

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