Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy this Foodie Pen Pal exchange?  Yup, I think I have but I’ll do it again because getting a package full of goodies is just plain fun!

Thanks Lindsay for all the work you put into this and I encourage everyone to participate – who doesn’t like monthly presents?

The Lean Green Bean

Party poopers, that’s who.

So the moral of this story, don’t poop at my party.

Well, now that I’ve put the image of poop in your minds … let’s show pictures of food!

Thank you Ashley for a WONDERFUL package – it was awesome to be paired with a fellow runner who can appreciate the need for food-as-fuel as well as pleasure!

The loot immediately after I ripped it neatly removed it from the box and right before I sampled everything … yes, J, that’s why there was a bite out of your Clif bar.



A new-to-me trail mix … which was awesome, by the way!  Anything that get’s a stamp of approval from Paul Bunyan is A-OK with me!


Yeah, this happened a few seconds later


Tasty little morsels of salt water taffy!


Aforementioned energy bars that happened to have bites removed when they were gifted to J … actually, the lemon zest Luna Bar never made it to J … I figured he didn’t want it after I nibbled off all the frosting and  only left the crispy bits. 


Ingredients for Ashley’s favorite detox drink (which J would probably like more than the apple cider vinegar concoction I tried to get him to force down).


Green tea mints that appealed to my Asian persuasion and constant need for minty refreshment!


Okay, now that I’ve shown off all my goodies like a spoiled kid at a birthday party, I’m going back to the pain cave the books to study.  I can’t wait for summer school to be over – August 13 is my last day of finals … unfortunately I have 2 in one day! Sad smile


8 thoughts on “Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

  1. I took July off from Foodie Pen Pals because I was traveling so much…I’m quite jealous of your haul. Anything from Trader Joe’s is fine by me…and if it ALSO get’s endorsed by an American tall tale hero? Obviously double win.

  2. I NEED that trail mix!
    Foodie pen pals sounds like so much, not sure it would work with me being in europe though? (let’s not even begin about all of my allergies/intolerances!)

    • I’m pretty sure they do a UK version, but that’s all I know. 😦 Yeah, food intolerances can be the pits with food exchanges … my penpal’s going to have a challenge this month with my paleo, sugar-free thing going on! 🙂


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