August Clean Eating

Just a quick pop-in post to announce that I’ll be participating in Amanda’s August Clean Eating Challenge!

CleanEatingChallenge5 (1)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that so many people hate that term “clean eating.”  Bite me and my clean food.

I’m using this challenge as an excuse to get off my Splenda-eating behind and go Paleo for a month.

You see, I’ve transitioned into Paleo eating as I’ve gone more and more low-carb.  I started out by eating way more fat than I ever did (up to 40-50% of my daily calories) and then I started listening to Paleo podcasts and loving the messages they were sending.  It’s about quality and caring for your body enough to pay attention to what you’re putting into it.  It’s not about weight!!!  In fact, it’s about releasing that number and reframing my paradigm of what’s important (from a Balanced Bites podcast)

  1. How do I feel?
  2. How is my training?
  3. (many more questions)
  4. How do I look?

However, I haven’t been able to fully kick my artificial sweetener habit and I’m not comfortable with the amount I’m leaning on that stevia, etc. to get me to drink water (Crystal light junkie) and I’m pretty sure it’s affecting my raging sweet tooth.

So, for August, I’m Paleo and sugar-free. 

Time to go make some bone broth.

I’m about to become a bigger hippy than I already am.


20 thoughts on “August Clean Eating

      • I’m going to hang a christmas tree air freshener from becky’s cork board, theres also some ladies speed stick over there (hint). Did you know patchouli is used in incense, insect repellant, and alternative medicines? I knew that…

    • I’ve found that just starting the day by forcing myself to drink the water plain gets me into the habit for the rest of the day. It’s so much easier and I find myself going back for glasses in the afternoon!


  1. I used to be the same way relying on stevia, but about 10 months ago I stopped using it and it was incredible the difference. The first month things tasted a bit bland, but then now things like fruit taste so much better than they used to! Now I rarely have it unless it comes in an a protein bar (which I don’t have very often). Most of my recipes use unsweetened protein powder for this reason! 🙂 I find that baking with a bit of apple cider vinegar or peanut flour made unsweetened baking taste better 🙂

  2. Yay yay yay!!!! Welcome to the dark side my friend 😉 I forsee lots and lots of homemade jerky and nut butters in your future heehee
    Can’t wait to see the recipes you come up with and the fun you have with the challenge!

  3. I was doing the paleo thing for a while a few years ago. Since I love cereal and eating things with a spoon and a cup, I would dice carrots and apples into small cubes and keep them in the freezer. Whenever I was ready, I’d mix with almond milk and pistachios or almonds for my grain-free cereal. It was good, but I enjoy legumes and grains too much to stay on it.

    I feel any diet that cuts out an entire food group could be trouble. But all of the diets I’ve seen, Paleo seems to be the best choice. The best of luck to you this month, I’m sure you’ll do great!

    I used to be a splenda junkie and always had stomach problems….I quit artificial sweeteners and the problems are gone. Now I use stevia a lot, but starting to wonder how much better it really is since it still undergoes a lot of processing.

    Anyway, I just yapped (wrote?) your ear off….sorry. Good luck on those exams too, almost done!

    • I’m actually eating more of a variety of foods now that I’ve cut out grains and dairy. I think that different strokes, for different folks, though and we all have to find what works best for us. You seem to be doing great with your diet & I love the added protein you’re incorporating!


  4. Hippies rule.

    So does stevia.

    I am doing pretty well with just one pack a day in my coffee…but NuNaturals may or may not have just shipped me an insane care package. So I support your sweetener-free life, but I cannot share in your commitment. 😉

    • Damn it, now I’ll have to drool over the insane recipes I’m sure you’re about to start churning out! I’m betting you find some way to make a hummus! 🙂


  5. Yeah! Good on you T – you gotta do what’s right for YOU, huh? I’m not looking forward to my eats for the next few weeks – am trying to rid myself of a candida overgrowth… so sad, goodbye sugar/fruit/sweet things, I will miss you so 😦

  6. Lately it seems everyone’s trying paleo! It seems intriguing to me, but I love legumes too much, and grains are pretty cool too. I probably should try to reduce my gum habit. My (hopefully) soon culinary adventures: sprouting, fermenting, and sriracha-making. Wish me luck 🙂

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