WIAW Clean Eats

Hello friends!  I’m in food heaven with Amanda’s Clean Eating Challenge!

CleanEatingChallenge5 (1)

I’ve loved my sugar-free/Paleo meals so much, I thought I’d bring them to Jenn’s WIAW party!

Coconut Bars

coconut bar 001

Pork tenderloin in Asian marinade with Cauliflower rice and grilled zucchini


Grilled steak in Mexican marinade with fajita bell peppers and avocado


Sardines with roasted zucchini in coconut oil


Grilled beef liver over salad

beef liver salad


Sorry if I grossed you out with the organ meats and ugly fish but I LOVE them and they’re so healthy!

Speaking of healthy, I also have some bone broth on the stove right now! 

What are your favorite Paleo websites and recipe books? 

I’m thinking of ordering the Balanced Bites new book Practical Paleo … if only for the poop pageant!


14 thoughts on “WIAW Clean Eats

  1. Holy freakin deliciousness….can I PLEASE come over and be a troll in your kitchen?!?! Those sardines and grilled steak with fajita bell peppers and avocado are making me drown in drool over here haha
    PaleOMG and tgipaleo are two of my favorite recipe sites, but I also bought Cordain’s paleo diet cookbook and swear by it! So many amazing ideas in that bad boy, highly recommend!! 🙂

  2. So I guess I’m eating paleo by default with this candida cleanse I’m on….. it’s SO hard to get enough protein though being vegan! ARGH! I love the fact you eat organs, T – makes you TOUGH grrrrrrr.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about your protein. I’m so sorry that you’re having to deal with this – especially because you get so much joy from creating and cooking! :( I hope you’re feeling better! PS – organs ROCK!!! I had beef heart two nights ago and a beef tongue in my freezer!


  3. My favorite Paleo Dish is Cauliflower Crust Pizza YUM I could not stop eating the crust! Have you tried that? Love and Shine CourtStar

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