MIMM I spy the finish line

Quick post to tell you why this Monday truly is marvelous!

  • I’ve been nourishing my body with wonderful Paleo foods!  I feel so good spoiling myself with quality meals and giving the ED a good kick in the ass.  It’s about gifting myself with the most nutrient-dense, flavorful, enjoyable foods I can find!
  • I’m taking my last final of summer school in less than one hour and then I’m done until Fall!
  • I have a wonderful sunrise hike planned with J tomorrow morning – what a great way to cleanse and reboot! 
  • I have a great giveaway in the works for you all!

OK – time to do some last minute cramming!  Have a great Monday!!!


6 thoughts on “MIMM I spy the finish line

  1. OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS POST MADE ME!!!! 😀 This monday is indeed super marvelous for you friend– I wish I could be there with you to celebrate the spendor of almost being finished! You got this girl!!!! ❤

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