I need lotion if I’m going to be showing off this ring

engagement ring 001

I have wonderful news, friends!!!

On Tuesday morning J proposed atop a mountain!


He and I had discussed getting engaged and I knew that he was going to do it but I didn’t know when or where.  I actually had no idea if it would be within the next few days or the next year.  I actually really hated not having any say in when the actual question would be popped.  However, I have grown up surrounded by romantic movies, etc. and I really did want the big proposal.

So when J asked if I wanted it to be a surprise, I said yes.

It turns out, he had been planning the proposal for a few months!  He asked my mom and step-dad for their blessing in July – apparently she started crying before he even got through the door. Smile

We went on that sunrise hike I mentioned in my MIMM post – the same hike that we took almost a year ago on our 3rd date.  (the same date as our first kiss when I had to ask him to kiss me as we said good bye!)

When we got to the top and we ascended above the clouds he set up the camera to take a picture (and secretly put it to record), got on one knee and pulled out a ring (which was perfect, by the way – simple, symbolic, truly lovely).


I’m proud to say, I only cried a little.

I am so, so blessed to be engaged to my best friend, my partner in crime, my sounding board, my rock.

I am, the luckiest.



24 thoughts on “I need lotion if I’m going to be showing off this ring

  1. Omgggggg! This post just made my night! You two are sooo stinking adorable what a PERFECT proposal!!! Congratulations!

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations that is amazing news! Enjoy every minute of it. My husband never proposed. We had a discussion. And I have always wished that I’d had that special moment.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is so exciting! I’ve only been following your blog for a few months but i am so excited at your news 🙂 Getting engaged, going through that new chapter together is a wonderful feeling (okay, i lied… it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, especially during wedding planning. haha) Congratulations again! All the best to the two of you!

    • Thank you so much – seriously, it means the world! We’re having the easiest wedding every – cook out, camping, no frills! I’m so excited!


  4. OMG Iv’e been living under a rock…so I missed your HUGE news! Soooo happy for you- congrats to him and best wishes to you! (why, Emily Post, why?) I must admit I saw it coming. Very similar to Derek and me-we got engaged on our one year anniversary but he planned it out to be a year-to-the-minute from when we met…and already had asked my Dad. Same as you, we had spoken of getting married prior- we knew from the start! (that was 20 yrs ago!)

    Thrilled that you’ve been enjoying Paleo. I’m still low carbing, but it’s certainly NOT the answer to my weight loss dreams. But it sure is yummy!!!! 🙂

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