When I loved myself enough

MIMM (healthydivaeats)

Good morning friends!  I hope you’re all having a great Labor Day weekend with all of your families and friends.  Thanks Katie for providing another great MIMM celebration of life’s wonders!

J and I had a great Saturday with his family!  It’s so great to know that my family is expanding with such amazing people.  Seriously, his mom has been absolutely wonderful in getting to know me and fostering a loving mother-in-law / daughter-in-law relationship.  His step-dad is the kind of man you want to just sit on a porch and chat with and his brothers and their wives are so nice and welcoming!

It hasn’t been exactly easy, though, to really open myself up to these new people in my life.  Sometimes it’s hard for me, with a recovering ED, to eat around people.  I know that a lot of you have dealt with the same things – even if it’s just because you eat different foods than those around you.  For me, I have  a lot of anxiety when it comes to food.  I have intense fear that people will think I’m snubbing the food they provide or will think I’m “weird” for eating what I do.  These fears really don’t affect me in normal life, just around people that I really want to accept me and like me.


This week’s “When I loved myself enough,” post couldn’t have been more appropriate – “When I loved myself enough, I came to know my own goodness …”


I realized that I have goodness within me, that I am worthy of being accepted for who I am and that there is nothing wrong with me.  J’s family is wonderfully open-minded and I need to believe that they will see me for who I am and not misconstrue my dietary habits as personality flaws. 

This Saturday was great and while I did stress a little about food, I’m proud to say the most of the day was spent reveling in good times with new family. 

And that, my friends, is success!

Please share what’s Marvelous in Your Monday!!!


10 thoughts on “When I loved myself enough

  1. My in-laws think I’m weird…. BUT I have managed to introduce them to quinoa, coconut oil, AND my bean sludge (chocolate!) with great success. They are HUGE meat-eaters so being a vegan is sometimes a little anxiety-inducing, but they have accepted me and my weird ways 🙂

    • Do they make you special dishes or do you always bring your own food? I usually bring my food so that I don’t inconvenience the host, but I also worry that they’ll think I think my food is better than theirs.


  2. Aww – I’m so glad your in-laws are accepting =) I can definitely relate to the food-related anxiety… even now it’s really frustrating to deal with people being like, “you should eat this!” or “you can totally afford to have a piece of cake!” or whatever.

    • It’s also hard for post-ed sufferers b/c I don’t want people to think I’m “slipping” back into old habits! It’s nice to hear that you can relate, too!


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