WIAW Paleo staples


Happy Wednesday friends!!!  I love WIAW parties – it’s so fun to peek into other blogger’s kitchens and lunch pails to see what we’re all eating!

My kitchen has been transforming with my new found love of Paleo.  Gone is the Splenda for artificial sweetness.  Trashed is the wheat bran for low-calorie bulk.  A forgotten jar of Better n’ Peanut Butter languishes in the corner of the fridge.

Nope, only nourishing whole foods for me!  Thanks Jenn, for letting me show off my new Paleo staples!

My goodies from my school’s meat department & a local butcher at the farmer’s market:

Meat loot

Beef heartBeef liverbeef sweet breads

Sauerkraut fermenting in my cupboard and some to tide me over until it’s ready!

fermenting sauerkrautraw sauerkraut

Kelp seasonings for healthy thyroid function & deliciousness!

kelp seasoning

Homemade bone broth for calcium, gelatin, glycine, etc. etc. etc.

bone broth

And the best reason to give yourself Paleo “wiggle room”:  Hell’s Kitchen PB brought to me by my AWESOME FMIL (future mother in-law).  This stuff is so amazing, chunky, and flavorful – like peanut brittle in nut butter form!

Hell's Kitchen PBH'sK PB in jar

I don’t suppose anyone has sweetbread recipes? Smile


13 thoughts on “WIAW Paleo staples

  1. Oh man everything looks amazinggggg! Your fridge rocks!
    And super yay for ditching all those fake, full of crap low cal stuff and opting for real, true food. Nothing tastes as good as the real deal, eh?? 🙂

  2. Here’s a great sweet bread recipe:

    Take 1 cup of stripped down non-nutritive white flour, mix with 1 cup highly processed sugar or corn syrup, and then throw it all way.

    Sorry, that’s my dumb/sarcastic way of saying I don’t have a recipe but felt like taking up space by typing that.

    Anyway, I think you’ll be good on meat for a while; those all look like interesting cuts! How do you like that raw sauerkraut? I’ve been wanting to try that brand for a while. Also, do you have a recipe for your homemade version?

    Glad you got rid of the artificial crap in place of real food. Have a great rest of the week……and then weekend!

  3. It’s funny, but I LOVE your eats T (you wouldn’t think that coming from a vegan!) BUT I love the way you’ve embraced WHOLE foods, and natural fats (meaty goodness) seriously, it’s all so nutritious, I bet you feel amazing 🙂

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