MIMM preparing for the storm

What’s Marvelous in my Monday?  Well, thanks Katie for letting me partake in my favorite part of the week. 

MIMM (healthydivaeats)

First off, Congrats Ashley for winning the Coconut Oil giveaway!


Now, the not so fun stuff … nope, scratch that.  I’m going to reframe my thinking. 

Yes, I will be starting the fall quarter tomorrow but it is also an opportunity to learn new things and expand my horizons.  I’m aware that I will be stressed, that at some point I will cry, and that J and I won’t get to spend quality time together.

But, you know what?  It’s okay.

I’m getting better at dealing with stress and tears will dry and J and I have the rest of our lives together. 

Tomorrow is going to be good … nope, it’s going to be MARVELOUS … and so will the rest of the next 11 weeks.


18 thoughts on “MIMM preparing for the storm

  1. Good luck on the fall quarter. Just do your best and know everything will turn out fine and how it’s supposed to. Also I canny believe I won your giveaway. Thank you do much for having this!! I am really excited. It’s the first I won and I have been dying to use coconut oil. 🙂 yay do I have to email you my info?

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