WIAW what my foodie pen pal sent me

Hey friends,

Well you know that I’m totally swamped with school and work but you know what’s making it easier?  AWESOME foodie pen pals like Katie!  Seriously, this girl hooked me up with snacks and that have fueled many a study session!  Thanks Lindsey for hosting the Foodie Pen Pals and thanks Katie for giving me something to bring to Jenn’s WIAW party!

The Lean Green Bean





Foodie PenPal reveal day!!!

First off, I want to send out a special thanks to all my blog-y buddies.  I’ve recently fallen off the blog-o-sphere due and a few of you reached out to me just to say hi and see how I’ve been.

You have no idea how much that means to me.  You all are more than just fellow bloggers.  You’re friends.  I want to give you all big hugs and maybe someday we can hang out in real life! Smile  Until then, I absolutely love hearing about your days, challenges, and triumphs.  And I am celebrating all your highs right there with you!

The reason for my absence is simple:  too much life!  It is such a good problem!  I’m taking 4 classes (2 of them also have labs), working, and writing my thesis.  Plus, J and I are trying to plan our wedding (luckily he’s awesome and is helping out a ton).

I embrace this business because it means that I’m filling my mind with knowledge, filling my workplace with dedication, and filling my heart with love!

And luckily, I have awesome foodie penpals that fill my cupboards with goodies!!!  Thank you Lindsey for hosting another great Foodie PenPal and thank you Elizabeth for such a great package!

The Lean Green Bean

Mounds and mounds of coffee – fueling me through early mornings of studying.  I like to wake up early to study before I workout.


Cherry Chicken Jerky – fueling me through snack-y afternoons.  Cherry + chicken = delicious combo!!!


Maple Almond butter – fueling me through 12-3 labs.  Sometimes I need something quick and dense while I’m in lab and I can’t sit down for my usual salad!


but seriously, the coffee was the prize – this Rwandan coffee was amazing!


Thanks again, Elizabeth!

Okay, back to studying!  At least I have the aroma of pork tenderloin roasting in the oven to perfume the apartment!  I love making dinner for J while he’s at work so that he walks into the smells of “home.”

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

The Lean Green Bean

Yay for Foodie Pen Pals & Yay for Lindsay who makes the whole thing possible (seriously, the amount of organization that goes into these shenanigans is mind-boggling).

Seriously, though, thank goodness for these boxes of goodness that arrive at my doorstep.  My partner, Becki, did such a good job with my package and was especially amazing given my Paleo diet!  She researched foods and ingredients and the end result was a box filled with delicious and new foods – some I’d never tried before!

A really sweet letter that thoughtfully explained all the foods


Really, really good local beef jerky!  I love me some dried meat and this did not disappoint.  I tore it open and ate it right away!  It’s great because I’m need healthy protein sources to snack on in school and eggs kind of wreak havoc in the middle of classes.


Barney’s Almond Butter – I was actually really excited to get this because I’ve never tried Barney Butter and I’ve heard great things.  Plus, doing the whole Paleo thing has cut out Peanut Butter so I’m always looking for alternatives.  005

Kale Chips – these were sooooo good!  I’ve never really liked the taste of cheese but these were made with Nutritional Yeast and I do love that yeast-y flavor!  Plus, “Vampire Killer” … I have eaten roasted garlic straight up with nothing else.  This stuff was gone in days.


Raw Rev mini-bars – I really like the Raw Rev company and I’ve previously reviewed their products so I was happy to get some more!  They’re great for when I’m working long catering shifts and need some energy quick!


Again, thank you so much, Becki and Lindsay!  And check out Rachel’s post to see what I sent my Foodie Pen Pal!

Are you interested in becoming a Foodie Pen Pal for September? If so, please CLICK HERE to fill out the participation form and read the terms and conditions. You need to sign up before September 4th in order to participate next month. The Foodie Pen Pals program is open to everyone so don’t worry if you aren’t a blogger. Check out Lindsay’s blog for all of the rules of the program.

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy this Foodie Pen Pal exchange?  Yup, I think I have but I’ll do it again because getting a package full of goodies is just plain fun!

Thanks Lindsay for all the work you put into this and I encourage everyone to participate – who doesn’t like monthly presents?

The Lean Green Bean

Party poopers, that’s who.

So the moral of this story, don’t poop at my party.

Well, now that I’ve put the image of poop in your minds … let’s show pictures of food!

Thank you Ashley for a WONDERFUL package – it was awesome to be paired with a fellow runner who can appreciate the need for food-as-fuel as well as pleasure!

The loot immediately after I ripped it neatly removed it from the box and right before I sampled everything … yes, J, that’s why there was a bite out of your Clif bar.



A new-to-me trail mix … which was awesome, by the way!  Anything that get’s a stamp of approval from Paul Bunyan is A-OK with me!


Yeah, this happened a few seconds later


Tasty little morsels of salt water taffy!


Aforementioned energy bars that happened to have bites removed when they were gifted to J … actually, the lemon zest Luna Bar never made it to J … I figured he didn’t want it after I nibbled off all the frosting and  only left the crispy bits. 


Ingredients for Ashley’s favorite detox drink (which J would probably like more than the apple cider vinegar concoction I tried to get him to force down).


Green tea mints that appealed to my Asian persuasion and constant need for minty refreshment!


Okay, now that I’ve shown off all my goodies like a spoiled kid at a birthday party, I’m going back to the pain cave the books to study.  I can’t wait for summer school to be over – August 13 is my last day of finals … unfortunately I have 2 in one day! Sad smile

June Foodie Pen Pals

I love this Foodie Pen Pal exchange!  Grocery shopping is my retail therapy and receiving a box of new-to-me foods is like a big birthday present!  Thank you, Jaime, these treats are AWESOME and I’m going to eat a few tonight while working a catering event!

Catering food doesn’t mean available food = “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”

Thank you, Lindsay, for hosting this Foodie Pen Pal (and for all the work it takes!)

The Lean Green Bean

I’ve utilized my fortune telling skills for this box of goodness:

I see sweet, spicy, salty sandwiches in my future!

June Foodie Pen Pals 001June Foodie Pen Pals 007

I see replenishment before appetizers and after dessert service tonight!

June Foodie Pen Pals 002June Foodie Pen Pals 003

I see crunchy toppings for my protein smoothies in a bowl!

June Foodie Pen Pals 004

I see study snacks while I wade through conquer Microbiology

June Foodie Pen Pals 005June Foodie Pen Pals 006

Thank you Jaime!  I’m so excited to try all these wonderful snacks!

You win some You lose some

I participated in Lindsay’s Foodie Penpal and LOVED it!  Who doesn’t love getting a box filled with goodies?  Catherine sent the most amazing box with tons of great food!  Thank you so much Catherine!  You’re too sweet!


As is the case with me, though, it wasn’t without its ordeals …

Round 1 Awesome chocolates vs. heat

Winner:  heat

Unfortunately, the awesome chocolates that Catherine sent me (you’re right, Catherine, chocolates are a girl’s best friend) got knocked out by the heat in transit to mi casa.

Round 2  – Nutritious energy bars vs. hungry girls

Winner:  hungry girls

Unfortunately, the nutritious energy bars were ravenously consumed during a long day of inventory before pictures could be taken.

Round 3this post vs. the internet

Winner:  the internet

Unfortunately, this post couldn’t go up as scheduled for the last day of April (forgive my Lindsey for not following the rules!) because the internet at my house is down.  Better late than never, though!

These were the goodies that did make it on camera … although they’ve recently lost the rounds against J & my belly.  Smile 


I’m so glad you brought these into my home, Catherine! J looooooves blistered peanuts and I looooove ginger … those candied ginger bites may or may not have been hidden from J. Embarrassed smile   The roasted plantain chips taste like thick, baked potato chips.  The spicy garbanzo beans brought the 1/4 Mexican out in me and the popcorn … well that’s a daily occurrence for me and was used to torture my office mates with its alluring aroma.

Thanks, again, Catherine!