Still alive

Hello friends! 

Let me preface this by saying how much I miss you guys!  I’m on serious blogger withdrawal – thesis, four classes (with 2 labs) and work is seriously taking its toll.  Oh yeah, plus wedding planning (but that, my friends, is the BEST problem!). Also, J and I have decided our wedding is going to be the most low-key event ever! Campingcausal is our theme and there will be NO colors, bridesmaids, florists or any other hoopla! 

In my microscopic amount of time, I’ve been cooking up a storm (I bought Practical Paleo and it was the best purchase ever)!

I’ve also been really trying to focus on body acceptance. Oh Lordy, I have a scary feeling that this is going to be a lifelong struggle. But it is a worthwhile fight and I refuse to give up. I’m the heaviest I’ve been in 3 years, I wear the biggest size I’ve worn in 3 years, but what I have to keep reminding myself that I’m also the healthiest I’ve been in 3 years!!! 

I keep thinking that I need to lose weight, that I must have a thyroid problem because I can’t lose weight, or that I should be restricting/exercising more in order to lose weight. I have to keep reminding myself that in NO way am I overweight. I am extremely healthy and I should be celebrating my body! This self-loathing is such a miser able existence and I just refuse to go back.

You all have been instrumental in my recovery and I know that you all will be vita in my ability to stay healthy.

Thank you thank you thank you!





MIMM Floating on Clouds

What’s Marvelous In My Monday?  Well, lot’s of things, but mainly the fact that I’m still floating on Cloud 9 from my engagement

MIMM (healthydivaeats)

This weekend included a few toasts …


Lots of hugs …

Lots of brainstorming …


and J’s creation of a beautiful shadow box!  It’s got a pic taken directly after the proposal with a background collage of the love notes, cards, and letters we’ve given each other!


What’s marvelous in your Monday?

Breakfast Food Friday

Just a quick pop-in this wonderful Friday to participate in Claire’s Breakfast Food Friday party! In fact, yesterday morning I told J we were having breakfast for dinner last night just so that I could link up!

(sign #1 you’re a blogger – you plan meals around blog posts)

J was very disappointed when I told him that he’d be having French toast, bacon, and avocado. 😉 

(sign #2 you’re a blogger: immediately after photographing food, you comment that you need different colored plates to better showcase the food)

The question he kept asking ALL day, “Are you sure we have maple syrup?”

Apparently, maple syrup, is essential to French toast! As someone who hasn’t eaten French toast in probably 10 years, I don’t remember these facts!

I beat the heat with a good old fashioned green smoothie in a bowl!

(sign #3 you’re a Healthy Living Blogger: you think green SIAB are commonplace)

(sign #4 you’re a Healthy Living Blogger: you think above green SIAB looks good)

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Any fun plans? Please share so that I can live vicariously through you!

I’ll be moving on Sunday & studying for two back-to-back midterms I have on Monday!

Winner Winner

I seriously love the blog world for introducing me to new bloggers, new ideas, new recipes, and new workouts.  It was helped tremendously in my ED recovery as well as given me the strength to broaden my horizons; to thrive instead of just survive!

R.C. from Just Add Cayenne is one such blogger I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  He’s got great, interesting recipes that constantly inspire!  RC nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and I can’t thank him enough!

After nomination, you follow these simple steps:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

1.  I really like to learn about the latest fashion trends even if I also hate the latest fashion trends and I NEVER follow the latest fashion trends.

2.  I’m not very approachable in “real” life.  I’m really open and friendly in the blog world but co-workers and friends often comment that I seemed unfriendly before they got to know me.

3.  I love all parts of the vegetable other people throw away – broccoli stems, apple cores, sweet potato skins, mushroom stems, and bananas as black as my heart!

4.  I dropped out of law school after one semester when I realized I was spending more time baking than studying.  I’m still paying off that one semester.

5.  I got straight A’s from 4th grade until I graduated from high school. 

6.  I’m at a loss for # 6… J would probably know something random about me!

7.  I LOVE Natalie Dee!!!

Finally, I nominate the following blogs, forgive me if you’ve already been nominated or participated – just consider yourself doubly loved!

  1. Lindsay @ Cotter Crunch
  2. Lou @ Fridge Scrapings
  3. Sable @ Squat Like a Lady
  4. Alexandra @  Tales of a Freckled Lifter
  5. Electra @ Vanilla Bean Lean
  6. Claire @ Live and Love to Eat
  7. Kristi @ Sweetly Fit
  8. Alex @ The Run Within
  9. Brittany @ The Blissful Brit
  10. Julie @ Julie Goes Healthy
  11. Tessa @ Amazing Asset
  12. Kristin @ Stuft Mama

Yay!  Happy Weekend!

June Foodie Pen Pals

I love this Foodie Pen Pal exchange!  Grocery shopping is my retail therapy and receiving a box of new-to-me foods is like a big birthday present!  Thank you, Jaime, these treats are AWESOME and I’m going to eat a few tonight while working a catering event!

Catering food doesn’t mean available food = “water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”

Thank you, Lindsay, for hosting this Foodie Pen Pal (and for all the work it takes!)

The Lean Green Bean

I’ve utilized my fortune telling skills for this box of goodness:

I see sweet, spicy, salty sandwiches in my future!

June Foodie Pen Pals 001June Foodie Pen Pals 007

I see replenishment before appetizers and after dessert service tonight!

June Foodie Pen Pals 002June Foodie Pen Pals 003

I see crunchy toppings for my protein smoothies in a bowl!

June Foodie Pen Pals 004

I see study snacks while I wade through conquer Microbiology

June Foodie Pen Pals 005June Foodie Pen Pals 006

Thank you Jaime!  I’m so excited to try all these wonderful snacks!

J and T take over the bay area

Hey friends, I’m back!  J and I had the most amazing camping trip at Mt. Diablo! I got to show him around my old stomping grounds in Berkeley and Oakland.  We toured around SF and had the most amazing dinners!

Besides the long walks, hikes, and outdoor yoga at our campsite (awesome, by the way) I had no structured exercise from Tues-Friday.  I also ate “regular” meals without huge changes/subs/freak-outs.  People, I ATE DESSERT!!! 

Needless to say, I am beyond happy with my progress and my ability to live my life!  Cheers to the strength it takes to slow down & determination required to let go!



Work out and then Peace out

Hey friends!  J and I are going camping (thank the freaking lord this quarter is over!) and it’ll be radio silence around these parts!  Hope you all have a great week and I’ll be sure to catch up when I’m back in the land of civilization.  Until then I plan on being a dirty hippie and not showering for the next 7 days (yes, there are showers at the campsite but I’m on vacation from everything, including cleanliness… J will be so happy to hear this).

I am leaving you with a pretty awesome track full-body circuit workout that I adapted from Fit Day.  It was a doozy and a lot harder than I expected – that last 2 miles takes a lifetime!


Have a great week!!!