WIAW what my foodie pen pal sent me

Hey friends,

Well you know that I’m totally swamped with school and work but you know what’s making it easier?  AWESOME foodie pen pals like Katie!  Seriously, this girl hooked me up with snacks and that have fueled many a study session!  Thanks Lindsey for hosting the Foodie Pen Pals and thanks Katie for giving me something to bring to Jenn’s WIAW party!

The Lean Green Bean





WIAW Paleo staples


Happy Wednesday friends!!!  I love WIAW parties – it’s so fun to peek into other blogger’s kitchens and lunch pails to see what we’re all eating!

My kitchen has been transforming with my new found love of Paleo.  Gone is the Splenda for artificial sweetness.  Trashed is the wheat bran for low-calorie bulk.  A forgotten jar of Better n’ Peanut Butter languishes in the corner of the fridge.

Nope, only nourishing whole foods for me!  Thanks Jenn, for letting me show off my new Paleo staples!

My goodies from my school’s meat department & a local butcher at the farmer’s market:

Meat loot

Beef heartBeef liverbeef sweet breads

Sauerkraut fermenting in my cupboard and some to tide me over until it’s ready!

fermenting sauerkrautraw sauerkraut

Kelp seasonings for healthy thyroid function & deliciousness!

kelp seasoning

Homemade bone broth for calcium, gelatin, glycine, etc. etc. etc.

bone broth

And the best reason to give yourself Paleo “wiggle room”:  Hell’s Kitchen PB brought to me by my AWESOME FMIL (future mother in-law).  This stuff is so amazing, chunky, and flavorful – like peanut brittle in nut butter form!

Hell's Kitchen PBH'sK PB in jar

I don’t suppose anyone has sweetbread recipes? Smile

WIAW Clean Eats

Hello friends!  I’m in food heaven with Amanda’s Clean Eating Challenge!

CleanEatingChallenge5 (1)

I’ve loved my sugar-free/Paleo meals so much, I thought I’d bring them to Jenn’s WIAW party!

Coconut Bars

coconut bar 001

Pork tenderloin in Asian marinade with Cauliflower rice and grilled zucchini


Grilled steak in Mexican marinade with fajita bell peppers and avocado


Sardines with roasted zucchini in coconut oil


Grilled beef liver over salad

beef liver salad


Sorry if I grossed you out with the organ meats and ugly fish but I LOVE them and they’re so healthy!

Speaking of healthy, I also have some bone broth on the stove right now! 

What are your favorite Paleo websites and recipe books? 

I’m thinking of ordering the Balanced Bites new book Practical Paleo … if only for the poop pageant!

WIAW Pantry Scrapings

Last week I mentioned the freezer scraping I was doing to get by without grocery store visits.  This week I bring to you the pantry scrapings!

I was lucky enough to win Claire’s Nature Box giveaway. Lucky because these goodies are awesome healthy snacks to satisfy any craving – salty, sweet, crunchy, gooey!  And they are definitely fueling me through some long study sessions and box packing!

Looks like I’m bringing some healthy (sensible) snacks to Jenn’s party this week … and just a month too late! Embarrassed smile








Father's Day & 29th Birthday 005022

Thanks, Claire for hosting a great giveaway and thanks Nature Box for feeding me while the rest of my apartment is bare!

WIAW Freezer Scrapings

I’ve gushed about Fridge Scrapings before and this is the same idea.  It’s what you do when you’re taking care of a bf who is recovering from hernia surgery while working and taking 3 accelerated summer classes.  You scrape that freezer clean in lieu of going to the store.

Surprisingly, for the small size of my freezers, they held a lot I had forgotten about!

Thanks, Jenn, for holding another great WIAW party and letting me show off my frozen gems!

These are what the bf got:


Cheesy bacon chicken patties based off of Lou’s recipe


My version of shepard’s pie – defrosted (previously cooked sweet potato) with frozen (previously cooked) meat and veg that thawed & warmed up during baking time.


Nana’s cookies!  I won these in a Sarah’s giveaway, took pictures, stored them in the freezer, and then shamefully forgot to write a thank you post!  My own nana would not be pleased!

What I’ve been consuming in massive amounts:


My High-Protein Chocolate Cookie based on Stuft Mama’s recipe.  I filled it with my chocolate protein butter (1/2 Tbsp coconut oil + 1/2 scoop Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein Powder)

K, hope you’re all having a great Wednesday!  I’m off to go see what else is lurking in my freezer!

WIAW Birthday Cookie

Thanks, Jenn for hosting another WIAW party – we’ll just pretend that it’s my birthday party! Winking smile

What do you have for breakfast on your birthday?

If you’re me, you have a big green protein SIAB


And you serve it with a side of High-Protein Chocolate Cookie, adapted from Stuft Mama’s High Protein High-Protein Chocolate Muffin


Smooshed on a greased plate


Microwaved for about 2 minutes


Um, yeah, I love my birthday.


I’ve had a one track mind this past week.  There’s one road in my kitchen, and that road leads to the cabinet with PB Crave(PS, if you want to get some of your own, there’s still time to enter the PB Crave Giveaway!!!)

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting another great WIAW!!!

What I’ve been Craving …

2012-05-23 06.17.012012-05-23 06.17.302012-05-23 06.18.192012-05-23 06.18.28

What I’ve been using it in …

Peanut Buttery Apple Oat Squares (recipe coming soon!)


Peanut Butter Sammies (who needs jelly when you have Razzle Dazzle?)


What I’ve been putting it on …

Zucchini “Bread” Protein Dip


Pumpkin Soufflé (ugly but so good!)

2012-05-23 06.39.11 

Protein Pancakes


Needless, to say, I LOVE this stuff!!!  I wonder if I can enter my own giveawaySmile