Recipes, etc.

Smoothies/Creamy Protein Bowls/Icees

Raspberry Protein Fluff

Raspberry Protein Pudding

Green SIAB

Icee Slurpee

Baked Goods

Banana Bread

Banana Bread Pudding

Banana PB Baked Oatmeal

Paleo PB Banana Jam Bread

Breakfast Cobbler Variations

Fruit & Oat Bars

Tropical Vegan Muffin

Oatmeal Vegan Scone


(almost) Raw Brownie

Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Banana PB Sandwich Bread Pudding

Chocolate Chipotle Kugel

Cookies & Cream Nut Butter

Faux Cookie Dough

Granola Bar Cookie

Pistachio Swirled Brownie

Single Lady Cupcake (Triple Chocolate & Cherry Chocolate)

Strawberry Blueberry Pudding Pie

Thin Mint Stuffed Brownies


Chocolate Protein Brownie

Chocolate Protein Cookie

Chocolate Marshmallow Protein Frosting


Turkey Muffins

Instant Bread Pudding

Low Carb Protein Bar (ala Foods of April)

Mocha Chocolate Protein Muffin

Protein “cookies”

Strawberry Protein Muffin

Sweet Protein Bread

Snack Ideas

Cool & Creamy PB – faux PB cream cheese

Popcorn Energy Balls (vegan)

Popcorn w/ PB Sauce

Peanut Flour Cream

Sunflower-Chocolate-Date Bites (ala CCK Fudge Babies)

Tuna Hummus (Love Dip)


Sweet & Salty Cauliflower

Portobella French Toast

Weirdness/Meal Ideas … enter at your own risk!

Cabbage Cereal

Chicken Salad in a Cantaloupe Bowl

Escargot Salad

Faux Mein

Fishy Coleslaw

Lamb Puff

Lamb topped salad

Pizza in a Bowl

Shirataki Pizza


Microwaved Poached Chicked

Microwaved Poached Egg


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